Winks at the Ottobar (with Future Islands and Lonnie Walker)

We’ve reviewed Future Islands a lot of times here at Fresh Heirs, and as awesome as their show was (Sam’s dance moves during “Old Friend” were immaculate) I can’t really come up with any more ways to describe their music. Lonnie Walker also were pretty good at the show too, but again, really don’t want to talk about them. Sorry if that offends anyone, but this is all about new music.

Winks were the number one opener on Saturday, starting around 10:30, and it was really something of a surprise. The band is comprised of Chase O’Hara (of INEVERYROOM fame as well) on guitar, sampler and synth, with the occasional support on another synth, and they seemed to create this fantastic sound despite the lack of people. I had listened to their self-titled cassette from Friends Records a few times before, and it was a nice late summer mix. It’s been described by most people as stoner jams, with titles like “Weed Makes Sex Weird” and “Fred Flintoned,” and I was curious how this lo-fi gem would transfer over to the live setting. The drum beats are hypnotic and the heavily reverbed guitar create this weird aura that shrouds Chase’s distinct, occasionally shouting vocals. They played a few songs I recognized: “Weed Makes Sex Weird” and “She Cums in Colors,” which will be on one of Chase’s upcoming releases, along with a wonderful cover of The Smiths “Ask Me.” Although O’Hara doesn’t exactly have Morrissey’s unique baritone, but he did pull it off in his own wonderful style, with an epic drum loop and talented guitar work.

I really look forward to hearing more stuff from Winks in the future to see how they evolve.



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