Best Coast (feat. Four Loko), Cults & Long Walks On The Beach at Georgetown

Best Coast (feat. Four Loko) at Georgetown. (photo by Daniel)

At almost any college in the country, football is a religion. Time stops on Saturdays for people to get their gear on and head over to the stadium for the evening. Maryland is no different, which led to some reservation of skipping tonight’s game against Florida State to venture over to Georgetown to see Best Coast and Cults. But in the end, with Maryland losing 30-16, I made the right choice.

After a rather lengthy walk from George Washington over to Georgetown and after following arrows made out of flyers on the ground to the school’s student union, I found myself in a back room with black curtains on three sides and black cinder block wall with a chalk mural depicting the beach with the names of the bands on it. Well-dressed and sociable Georgetown kids milled around while I got my bearings, realized I had no service and settled in for what I expected to be a great night of music.

Long Walks On The Beach started the night off. LWOTB is another one-man project, and its live version comes in the form of Fritz Kramer, a DC resident and the genius behind the project, a live drummer and a laptop. The Georgetown crowd enjoyed LWOTB immensely, and some of the parts of the songs were catchy and infectious, but the overall sound was subpar, as the guitar volume could not catch up to vocal or laptop volume.

Also, the couple in the front right who was eating each other’s faces during the LWOTB set seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Next up was Cults, newly signed to Columbia. Again, sound problems marred the set, but besides that, it was incredibly tight and just incredible in general. Madeline’s voice was absolute perfection and I really wish they could have played a lot more, as their set was shorter than LWOTB. However, everything was tighter and “Go Outside” was the obvious highlight of the evening.

Best Coast at Georgetown. (photo by Daniel)

Then, finally, Best Coast. There are only two words to sum up the performance: Four Loko. Bethany lost her Four Loko virginity (via) and went to town. Despite all the alleged debilitating effects of the drink, Bethany seemed to keep it together, playing an extremely tight set with cuts from Crazy For You like “Boyfriend” and “When I’m With You” and older tracks like “Something In The Way” and “Sun Was High (So Was I).”

Best Coast at Georgetown. (photo by Daniel)

The only problem, with no fault to the band, was that I could only hear Bobb’s guitar through the speaker I was standing next to and I could only slightly hear Bethany’s from her amp. I also can’t hear out of my left ear. But it was all worth it to hear the praises of Four Loko sung in a heavy metal encore featuring the members of Cults. Which was awesome.

The Georgetown crowd disappointed me a little bit, as there was little to no response when Bethany name-dropped Snacks and Chloe, the infamous cats. A few people yelled, but most of the kids just looked around mystifying, something I was not cool with. And then Bethany said, “Snacks isn’t real.” Which blew my mind. Because I’m pretty sure that cat is real. Plus, some dude kept yelling “Mars Volta,” which made no sense to me, and then people started talking shit about the west and east coast. Bethany said she would “throw down in this bitch,” ending all arguments.

All told, it was a loko evening featuring a great performance from Best Coast feat. a great appearance from Four Loko and a great introduction to Cults.

Best Coast (feat. Four Loko). (photo by Daniel)

Peep some pics below and over at the Picasa.


Best Coast. (photo by Daniel)

Best Coast. (photo by Daniel)

Best Coast. (photo by Daniel)



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6 responses to “Best Coast (feat. Four Loko), Cults & Long Walks On The Beach at Georgetown

  1. james

    subpar, not supbar

  2. Robert

    this review is inane.

  3. ross

    i wish i was there to feed her more four lokos and take advantage of her… sexually

  4. ross

    this review was insanely subparbar… sup

    i’m so trill

  5. Greg

    They didn’t know the Cats’ names!!!? I mean, who cares if they came for the music, its all about the Cats, right?

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