True Panther’s “Finally Champions” Mix

I’ll admit it. I was a little upset when San Francisco won the World Series. I’m a Phillies fan. I wanted the Phillies to bring home their second title in three years. I wanted to see Roy Halladay win a World Series. I wanted to see complete domination and revenge against the Yankees. But I didn’t get that thanks to the Giants. Because of my anger at the Giants for beating the Phillies in the NLCS, I threw my support behind the Texas Rangers, who feel, rather easily I might add, to the Giants. I was a little irritated.

So one might think that True Panther putting out the Finally Champions victory mix in honor of its hometown winning the World Series and defeating my team en route to that victory might be seen as rubbing it in on me, right? Well, the thing with music is that I just can’t refuse good music, and what True Panther put together is good music. I think it’s an incredibly awesome idea that any label from a city that wins a championship should try to do. Plus, there’s so much more to it than just the Giants winning the World Series:

Our jubilation was tempered the day after the World Series victory, when San Francisco passed Proposition L, also known as the Sit/Lie Ordinance. Prop L makes it a crime to sit or lie down on any sidewalk or on top of any object (blanket, lawn chair, milk crate, etc.) from 7am-11pm, punishable by a $100 fine for first offense and up to 30 days in jail for a second. This is a law that in our opinion criminalizes the poor without coming up with solutions but also makes a potential offender out of anyone wanting to relax in a lawnchair in front of their house. While we initially planned on making this compilation available for free, we ultimately decided to charge $1 and donate 100% of the proceeds to the SF Coalition on Homelessness in recognition of their new challenge. We want this contribution to help COHSF continue their outreach, peer support, leadership development, public education, advocacy, and community organizing especially in the wake of an inevitable rise in persecution of the city’s poor.

The fact that True Panther is doing this is one of the coolest things I’ve seen a label do. I donated my $1 to get this sweet mix and everyone else should too. Homelessness is something that needs to be addressed and is something that everyone can help out with.

But the music. The list of San Francisco-area bands that True Panther tabbed for this is so great. Girls, Weekend, Blackbird Blackbird, Young Prisms, Ty Segall and more all make appearances, plus more from other bands and artists I’d never heard of but still enjoy. Young L’s hip-hop, NODZZZ’s DIY punk aesthetic reminiscent of these guys and the Sandwitches beautiful vocals were all a great look into the San Francisco music scene for me.

My favorite track off the album is Weekend’s “All-American,” a dark and scuzzy lo-fi jam. Weekend is quickly emerging on my radar as an awesome band. The sound is dark and and the fuzz is perfectly layered.

More strong tracks that are definitely worth checking out are Girls’ “Life in San Francisco” and Blackbird Blackbird’s “Fly (feat. Steffaloo).” The entire mix is just beast and is working its way into my rotation. If you get a chance, definitely pick it up. Great music for a great cause.

Tracklist via True Panther:

1. SF Giants- Bye Bye Baby (Airhorn Deluxe Edition)
2. Dominant Legs– Finally Champions *
3. The Fresh & Onlys– Waterfall (from the album Play It Strange on In The Red)
4. Ty Segall– Who Are You *
5. Ezee Tiger & The Soundguys– Book It *
6. Young L– Pound
7. Terry Malts– In The Waiting Room *
8. Melted Toys– Preforms *
9. Wet Illustrated (from the Born Stoked 7″ on Corvette City)
10. NODZZZ– Genocide Bow *
11. Sonny & The Sunsets– Do I Remember Me *
12. Water Borders– Runaway 2010 *
13. Bronze– Parallels (Cosmic Mindslayer Version) *
14. The Sandwitches– San Francisco *
15. Magic Bullets– Everything Flows (Teenage Fanclub cover) *
16. OoOOo– seaww
17. Young Prisms– Sugar (from the album Friends For Now on Kanine)
18. Blackbird Blackbird– Fly (Feat. Steffaloo)
19. Weekend– All-American
20. Girls– Life In San Francisco (from the Lust For Life 7″)
21. Vinnie Rat– Giants Defiance *

Stream or buy True Panther’s Finally Champions over here at the True Panther blog.


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