New band: Of The West

As we’ve all noticed, Baltimore has created something of an awesome music scene in the past few years, and it has come from nearly every genre. From the post-punk of Double Dagger to electronic magic of Dan Deacon. But this form of almost ambient, almost shoegaze we find from husband/wife duo Of The West is unlike anything I’ve heard from the city. Brian Eno and Sigur Ros came to mind when I hit play and heard these epic soundscapes. It’s one of those albums that will do no justice being played as background music. It gets you involved and it deeply emotional. From the sad string part that fills the air on their self-titled album’s opening track “The Morning is Bright” to the rising ambiance of Chesepiooc that eventually falls into a loving guitar riff, they’re a band that I look forward to hearing develop more.

Of the West’s self-titled album is streaming for free up at and can be purchased digitally for $6 or physically on CD for $10.



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