MP3: Tyler Alexander – “Threnody”

Often times prog rock is associated with overzealous guitars, intense instrumentation and extended jams. But despite “Threnody’s” lengthy instrumental interludes, there’s something about this song that takes away from the prog rock label. The Baltimore-based Tyler Alexander plays every part himself, from the drums to the flute. Everything feels slightly removed under a haze of reverb on the verse before an uplifting chorus filled with harmonies. The classic Jethro Tull influences rear their heads throughout the track, but Alexander makes it clear it’s still his tracks. A glance at the lyrics page from his MySpace shows a hook of “The smell of death pervades the Carolinas” along with other imagery, but Alexander does not allow the imagery to sully the tune of this track.

Check out Tyler’s MySpace for more songs. He has a good collection of 12 songs for your listening pleasure.



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