Stream: Cloud Nothings – “Understand At All”

Time to hear more about Cloud Nothings. Dylan Baldi’s newest track, “Understand At All,” is the lead track off his self-titled debut full-length, due out January 25 on Carpark. All the info on that can be found at that hyperlink.

“Understand At All” feels like a classic opener, starting with a distant guitar before opening up into what’s expected from Baldi: something catchy, snarky, and ultimately addicting. The pre-chorus vocals from Baldi are absolutely gorgeous while the lead guitar really drives this track, something that is not seen on his previous work. All this leads to the infectious sing-a-long chorus with some well-timed pauses thrown in. All in all, a good track and a good preview of what’s to come from those (still) not familiar with Cloud Nothings.



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