Double Dagger, Thank You and Zomes at the Current Space Fundraiser

I haven’t really been going to a lot of shows as of late. Only saw The Thermals in D.C. last month, and to be honest, I went to that more for having a show in October, and to do something cool with Dan, and less of I actually wanted to see the Thermals, so it really had been since Virgin Fest that I had been excited to go to a show until Wye Oak, and to add on Double Dagger the next night. Simply phenomenal.

It was a Current Space fundraiser, dedicated to raising money for the wonderful little artist gallery. On a side note, if you ever get the chance to go there, I highly encourage it, there’s always something fun going on. It was held in the back parking lot, so obviously I quickly had some wonderful Whartscape nostalgia, except as mostly everyone noted, in was like a “bizzaro-Whartscape” as far as temperature. Back in July it was about 100 degrees, meanwhile it was probably in the mid 40s last night.

They did have really awesome food there though. It was all vegetarian options, but they had this wonderful Grilled Cheese with onions thing that was just awesome. Also, pumpkin brownies. But anyways, onto the music. I came in when Zomes was just starting, who I had seen earlier this year opening up for the Deakin and Jason Urick show at the Ottobar. Always enjoy his jams, its really avant-garde, but there’s this certain pop-sensibility in it. I didn’t get up close for this one, seeing as I was too busy enjoying some apple cider to keep myself from freezing to death, but from a distance, its really quite peaceful.

Between Zomes and Thank You was the wonderful dance troupe Bobby. I unfortunately missed them, but I’ll have another chance to see them perform at the Future Islands show at the Ottobar. But finally Thank You came on. I had never actually seen them, but had heard a lot about them. Their relentless drum playing and delightfully harsh organ sound, combined with the borderlining epic guitar shredding (yes, I said shredding) is something almost impossible to perfectly describe. Its a completely different sound. It has something of a krautrock meets  Afrobeat sensability, yet more modernized, if that even make sense.  They have a new album coming out in March of 2011, which I’ve heard is something to look forward to a lot, so expect to hear a lot more on that.

However, I doubt that many people (especially us “punks” causing ruckus in the front) came to see either of those bands (not to take anything away from it). This had been announced as the trio’s last show of the year, and it was in a place that they had a lot of history with. While Bruce was organizing his pedals and tuning his bass, Nolen was talking about how they recorded their awesome album More at the Space’s old location. Eventually the thrashing started. Opening up with More standout “Vivre Sans Temps Mort. ” Nolen lost his glasses while stepping into the crowd, while the lights flickered for the final lines of the song.

Over the night, the crowd and jams simply got more intense. They premiered a new instrumental song, dedicated a wonderful version of “Sleeping With The TV On” to all of the garbage on television with the political ads, and simply killed it for a wonderful version of “The Lie/The Truth,” my personal favorite song. The inner part of the crowd, the “college/teenage punks” were simply demolishing everything around them. But that’s good, that’s what you expect for a Double Dagger concert. However, I must apologize on behalf of the crowd for the destruction to Nolen’s glasses (I suggested contacts). Overall, Bruce was on with his loud, distorted bass, making the lows even more intense then on record. Nolen was simply solid with vocals and his stage banter. “This was the first time I’ve ever had apple cider during a show” he quipped.

Overall a simply wonderful night. Can not wait until next year so they play another show. Looking forward to things out of these guys.


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