Cloud Nothings – Leave You Forever EP

It’s really no question that Fresh Heirs loves Cloud Nothings. None at all. Ever since June 25 at Rock & Roll Hotel in Washington, DC, Cloud Nothings has been on repeat for me and is most definitely my favorite discovery of the year, and an act that I’m desperately trying to keep up with as Dylan Baldi puts out more and more material (I own the original Turning On, the “Didn’t You” 7″, and now the Leave You Forever EP, and plan on owning the next full-length).

With Leave You Forever, Baldi puts out four of his strongest songs to date. With crisper production quality and cleaner guitars, his ability to craft catchy pop hooks becomes clear after hiding behind fuzz for the past year.

“Leave You Forever” kicks off the EP as an adrenaline fueled incarnation of another “Leave You Forever” that originally appeared on Chocolate Bobka’s Various Deficiencies Vol. 1 compilation back in August. The new version pumps up the tempo, scooting through the verses rapid fire and opening up at the anthemic chorus of “I could never leave you forever.”

Up next is “Talk To Me,” which I’m willing to consider the best Cloud Nothings song that has been released. With a laid-back, California pop-punk feel with the drum and bass solos in the pre-chorus, Baldi again makes his songs personal and provides a connection for nearly every listener. As with many of his songs, heartbreak seems imminent with his chorus of “If you just talk to me, I always listen baby / If you just talk to me, we never worry,” seemingly citing a breakdown in communication. I love the instrumentation and the pop feel of this song, making it its destiny to be on nearly continuous repeat. Plus, I’ll probably spend the next few hours trying to transcribe the lyrics.

Baldi echoes his lo-fi formula on “Weird Son,” another solid (see a pattern?) track that is enjoyable. There’s not much to say about it, other than it’s a Cloud Nothings song, it’s good, and I like it. Ya dig?

In the closer of the EP, “You Were Scared,” Baldi takes it back a notch, gradually building on the chorus of “You were scared,” the vocals getting louder and louder each time out. In the end, it explodes into pop bliss, giving a sense of finality to the EP, but also setting it up for another listen.

This is one of my favorite 7″s of the year (and there are a lot of good ones), and it’s been so much fun to watch Baldi’s growth over the past four months, which is an amazingly short period of time.

Pick up the Leave You Forever EP from True Panther. Vinyl is limited to 500 pressings. I have #105.


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