Want More New Jersey?? Then Watch the Frat Dad Movie!

Straight up pool swimmers, getting the band back together

Just in case you haven’t gotten your fill of Underwater Peoples-themed news this week thanks to Daniel’s Family Portrait/Crayon Fields review

Back in July, Chocolate Bobka posted about this independent film featuring the members of Frat Dad that would be making the rounds sometime, and I am very psyched to say that that time is now! This week check out Nothing Yet on Pitchfork TV. Follow the band (that is Frat Dad in every sense except I don’t think you ever hear their name and there’s an extra dude in it) on their 3-day tour of the northeast.Filled with some favorite tunes from Real Estate and Julian Lynch (who also contributed an original score) and, of course, Frat Dad, it’s a refreshing look at the bright-eyed idealism of some suburban kids, excited by the prospect of hitting the road, playing in New York City (or Market Hotel), meeting with a record label guy, and just having a summer adventure, being sure to eat some burgers and pizza along the way.

Nothing Yet evokes the best parts of suburban road trips up the East Coast, (the scene where they’re listening to “Beach Comber” in the car was taken straight from my life, I swear) and good old DIY shows (spoiler alert: footage of Frat Dad performing “Brosef” from last summer’s Underwater Peoples showcase at Market Hotel!) All nostalgia aside, the characters also seem to be constantly on the verge of laughter, making it feel like a film project your friends could have made and the film itself is addictive; I only intended to watch a bit but soon found myself watching the entire thing, sucked in just to see what happened next.

So bro down with Frat Dad, one week only!



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4 responses to “Want More New Jersey?? Then Watch the Frat Dad Movie!

  1. Zany Rumon

    Great movie!!

    Perfect casting, well acted, well produced and well, perfect-o! Those guys, they have ideas. 😉 (Inside joke – you have to watch the movie to get it!)

  2. I saw this when it was on Pitchfork and I wanna watch it again. It was really funny, do you know where I can find it?

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