Review: Girls, “Heartbreaker”

Back in April, I saw Girls play in Towson, MD with Dum Dum Girls at the Recher Theatre. They played mostly songs from their debut Album, however, there were a few I didn’t recognize, however, this morning, over at True Panther came the announcement of the San Fransisco bands new Broken Dreams Club EP, with an available download of “Heartbreaker”, which was one of the sounds I immediately recognized from the show.

The first thing I immediately took notice of what the fuller sounds and higher production value, with the trademark Costello-esque vocals from Christopher Owens. It’s still in the spirit of the old Girls, very ’60s influenced, with organs, light, yet phasered acoustic guitars, wonderful harmonies during the chorus, and a very poppy sounding drum set. Even a wonderfully corny, yet delightful guitar solo takes front stage towards the end of the song.

However, a closer look at the song reveals the traditional wounded sound of Owens’ lyrics. The title itself smells of bad relationships, combined with the chorus “‘Cause when I said I loved you honey, I knew that you would break my heart” clearly show that the songwriting is still very much in the same vein as “Laura” and “Lust for Life.”

This, and hopefully the rest of the EP will be wonderful fall jams as we adjust our lives to the color of the leaves.\



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