Fresh Heirs Fall ‘Ten Mixtape

Viva Espana! (Photo by Anna)

We’ve never done a mixtape before, so seeing as how I’ve been noticeably absent from the Fresh Heirs family in the past few weeks, I decided I would redeem myself by sharing my autumn playlist with the world. I’ll get philosophical and give you the tracklist after the jump…

I’ve been a traveling fool the past six weeks or so, but through it all, these are the songs that have been on constant repeat. Fall is always a time for change. Everything around you is moving at supersonic speeds, but the songs you love are there for you to listen to over and over again. And now the weather is changing, the summer of beach vibes and the various genre waves everyone has been riding is over and just when you thought 2010 couldn’t throw any better music at you, we’ve got some amazing new music to accompany the new season.

My autumn playlist has grown organically during my travels, and although I haven’t exactly had the time to be scouring the music blogs every day, my friends have been nice enough to make sure I’m not missing out on some of the autumn gems. Through my adjustment to a new country, a new timezone, new routine, new language, new people, and new cuisine, I’ve been listening to all of these songs along the way. I’ve also thrown in a few songs that I have returned to. They remind me of my homes, past and present, people I know, people I miss, people I won’t see again for awhile, the good times, awesome summer memories and the best optimism for things to come. Autumn is normally a time for settling back into that routine you used to know, but even when everything is new, you still have your big comfy sweaters and the falling leaves.

So here’s what I’ve been jamming:

1. Face It – Beach Fossils
2. I Apologize – Cloud Nothings
3. Out of Tune – Real Estate
4. Mystery Michael – Velvet Davenport
5. theFUNsun – Slow Animal
6. Depletion – No Age
7. Desire Lines – Deerhunter
8. Mild Confusion – Tamaryn
9. Lovely Bloodflow – Baths
10. Meet the Frownies – Twin Sister
11. Bombay – El Guincho
12. Hamilton Road – Ducktails
13. Autumn Sweater – Yo La Tengo
14. Undertow – Warpaint
15. Bone is Bloodstone – LA Vampires & Zola Jesus
16. LYNY – La Big Vic
17. Georgia – Big Troubles
18. Real Love – Delorean



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