NEW MP3: Lean Horse Marathon – “No One”

So currently Niemann and Daniel are sitting at University of Maryland recovering from last night’s absolutely crazy Thermals show. Daniel currently can’t move his left arm above his head and has his shoes covered in blood. But all in all, it was crazy and we’ll have a review of it up soon.

But in the mean time, yesterday on Daniel’s radio program In Afternoon Air on WMUC, in which Niemann guest-hosted, we debuted a new track from our friend Jeff, from his Lean Horse Marathon project. In August, we posted the title track from the upcoming Lean Horse Marathon release Reflections, due out in Spring 2011.

But yesterday on In Afternoon Air, we debuted what Jeff expects to be the lead single, “No One.” This track, a departure from “Reflections” features a harsh motorik drum beat with swirling guitars and a prominent bass riff. Jeff’s vocals are also a departure from his usual spider-web like delivery, resulting in an almost melancholic Morrissey-esque sound. The refinement is a far cry from earlier releases LP1 EP and Up On Bomber Mountain, but fans of Lean Horse Marathon will not be alienated by the change at all, signaling a quality change towards dream-pop.

Jeff called in to In Afternoon Air (fast forward to the 49:00 mark) to talk about the upcoming release with Daniel and Kevin and his musical direction before “No One” was played on the radio.

“No One” is available for listen and download after the jump.

–Daniel & Kevin


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