Review: Future Islands, Undressed

In Evening Air by Future Islands is one of my most played albums of the year by far. On the back end of its release, a new fully acoustic EP has emerged, Undressed recorded at WYPR here in Baltimore (88.1 FM).

Acoustic crossover albums can usually be hit-or-miss, but having seen Future Islands acoustic to highlight the opening night of Whartscape, I knew this would clearly be a hit.

Songs like “An Apology” and “Long Flight” seem to have a new, bleaker appearance instrumentally, as opposed to the somewhat dancier post-wave that fills their normal tracks from their last appearances on In Evening Air.

The songs are meek, desperate and, if it makes sense at all, sound like they’re about to break down in tears.

“In the Fall” from their last EP sounds incredibly powerful, and is a perfect jam for the titular season it mentions. It’s darker and deeper then previous. Their debut album’s closer, and personal favorite “Little Dreamer” seems more fragile, with fragile piano chords combining with Sam’s almost frail sounding voice.

Undressed is available on vinyl only, from Thrill Jockey Records. They are currently touring Europe and will return to America later in the month. They are playing a hometown show at the Ottobar November 20.




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