MP3: the Widest Smiling Faces – “Big Rock Candy Mountain”

Aviv Cohn is back as the Widest Smiling Faces with the new track “Big Rock Candy Mountain,” posted a few days ago over on SoundCloud. the Widest Smiling Faces self-titled album found itself in the Fresh Heirs inbox at the end of the summer and was a pleasant surprise as some Microphones-esque bedroom acoustic music.

“Big Rock Candy Mountain” takes a more lo-fi folk direction, reminding me of Bob Dylan and also of Cat Stevens for some random reason. It sounds quickly written and thrown together, but that’s part of the beauty of it. The crescendo and increasing tempo of the song combined with some minor chords create a somewhat eerie ambiance, but at the same time, the folky chord progression gives the song a homely and relaxed feel, making the listener think of what a big rock candy mountain would look like to them.

Edit: This is actually Cohn’s take on an earlier tune from the 1920s. Take a listen to the original right here. It’s still good stuff.

“Big Rock Candy Mountain” is available for stream and download after the jump.



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