More New Music From Julian Lynch

I’d been wanting to blog about this since it was posted on October 4 (over a week ago, a year in blog time), but life gets in the way and it just chilled on my to-do list under real life things. Not necessarily more important things, just things that involved me not sitting at a computer listening to Julian Lynch’s sweet sounds and formulating thoughts on them.

But now I finally have some down time where I can take a listen to another new song from Lynch’s upcoming album Terra. Lynch posted one track a while back, but remained relatively quiet until the 4th when he posted this new track.

I’m a huge Julian Lynch fan and I really like these two tracks, the first one he posted a little more so. However, you do know that both of these tracks are going to fit together in a larger and grander context on the album. I listened to 2010’s Mare for nth time tonight and still greatly enjoyed it. Lynch crafts songs that are aurally pleasing yet sophisticated, allowing nearly anyone to have access to his tracks.

Listen to the new Julian Lynch track here on his Tumblr, Space Mountain.


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