MP3: Glass Vaults, “Forget Me Not”

Stream: Glass Vaults, “Forget Me Now”

New Zealand. Typically not a place you think of when you look for hot bed indie meccas (Flight of the Conchords?). But we just got hold of the Glass EP from Wellington based two-piece band Glass Vaults. Opening with a sort of tribal vibe, not too far removed from Baltimore’s INEVERYROOM, the song soon calms down into a fairly ambient piece filled with the lots of aspects you expect from a two piece, lots of loops, programmed drums, but they add onto the usual. Vocally, Grizzly Bear comes to mind, with wonderful harmonies and cathedral like reverb, its a release that I’m looking forward to get more listens to.

More information on Glass Vaults are available from  JUKBOXR, where their Glass EP is up for sale, and streaming.



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