Review: Avey Tare, “Lucky 1”

Up for stream on Pitchfork, this 3 minute closing track from Avey’s upcoming and highly anticipated Down There delivers everything we’d expect from Animal Collective, which is of course nothing we’d expect. A simple bass-high hat line stands out prominently in the background with a synth line only describable as “squishy.” Avey’s trademark vocals come in sounding somewhat hopeful as first, however this promising feeling drops out as Avey asks “Well are you trying?” A fairly epic organ arpeggiates in the background further in, building up the song more and more throughout, creating something of a tension.

Avey promised a swampy feel to the record (hence all the pictures of him as a Crocodile) and although this song in particular doesn’t deliver any sort of swampy feel to it it, it could represent a somewhat happy ending to the album that delves into the feeling. But no matter what feeling it gives off, we are presented with a look into an album that we had literally no idea about.



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