Wild Nothing (but not Stars) at 9:30 Club

Wild Nothing at 9:30 Club. (photo by Daniel)

Last night I took the Green Line a few stops to 9:30 Club, dropped $20, and saw Wild Nothing. Sure, Stars was on the bill, but it was a Wednesday night and Stars had never done it for me. To me, Stars is a poor man’s Broken Social Scene and I just didn’t feel standing through something by myself that was going to bore me for the sake of writing about how boring it was.

I had the privilege of interviewing Jack Tatum for The Diamondback last week, so I felt a little obligated to see him in the area. The first time I saw Wild Nothing was back in June with Neon Indian, and I had no idea what he was all about.

Now I do and now I think Wild Nothing is awesome. I was originally going to hit up Tuesday night’s show but it sold out in the days before, which meant I had to hit up Wednesday night’s show. I got there at about 7:45 and it hadn’t filled up too much, so I got a spot in the third row in the middle. Stars had a rather excessive setup of strobe lights and banners that significantly limited the band’s space on stage.

Jack Tatum's Wild Nothing at 9:30 Club. (photo by Daniel)

The time finally came and Tatum and Wild Nothing came out to raucous cheers from their Blacksburg friends and launched into a perfect rendition “Golden Haze.” The one thing I’d forgotten about Tatum when listening to the songs from Gemini and his other recorded material is that his voice has so much more range live than the recordings show. He’s able to hit higher notes and add more variations to his song, making the live experience so unique. The full-band sound also adds much to his performance, creating a danceable atmosphere.

The band ran through tracks like “Live In Dreams,” which gave me goosebumps, and “Your Rabbit Feet,” which I was so excited to see. Everything fit together perfectly and there was absolutely nothing wrong with the performance. Other tracks played were “Witching Hour,” “Chinatown,” and “Confirmation.” The roughly 40-minute set closed with the popular single “Summer Holiday.”

The set was executed perfectly and provided just what you thought you would get out of a wild nothing set. It was a nice change of pace show from the frenetic pace of the weekend and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

And then I left and didn’t see Stars.



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2 responses to “Wild Nothing (but not Stars) at 9:30 Club

  1. ross

    i wish jack tatum was as lo-fi on record as he is live.

    wild nothing opening for neon indian was way cooler than neon indian.

    wild nothing on gemini makes me sad.

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