New Deakin songs

Beloved indie rock superheroes Animal Collective haven’t really been doing all too much as a band this year (ODDSAC, their performance piece at the Guggenheim… I guess that relatively speaking they haven’t done much), however they’ve been on a huge solo member thing as of late. With Tomboy singles and Down There rolling out in October, and Panda Bear’s touring, its easy to lose track of the always wonderful Deakin’s (Josh Dibb) work. He’s been opening for Panda Bear and playing with Indian influenced psych group Prince Rama lately (I saw him playing with both the previously mentioned at a special hometown gig last week), without an album to back, so live bootlegs are always welcomed. One of these bootlegs, from a show he played at Toronto’s Snowball Gallery has appeared on AnCo message board Collected Animals, and we asked Josh if we could post some of these songs (to which he said yes of course).

The first song is a continued evolution of a song he has been performing for months now (the first one he played at his first gig ever). It’s now featuring some wonderfully pitch-shifted vocals, with a firm backing beat set to a backdrop of drone sounding noises.

The second is sort of a change from his usual sound, being mostly him and his guitar with some atmospheric sounds throughout. It was one I really noticed at his Ottobar gig last week, and can’t wait to hear more (and eventually an album) from him.


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