Virgin Festival Preview: T.I.


Daniel’s Take: I love rap music and I love T.I. Something about his delivery coupled with his synth lines and production makes his music addicting and nearly impossible to ignore. The first song by him I truly loved was “What You Know” and I’ve been down with all of his other releases. Plus, I’m stoked for the release of King Uncaged on September 28. But then there’s the arrest problem. According to a Baltimore Sun blog, T.I. has cancelled multiple shows in the coming weeks and has a court date in Atlanta on Thursday to determine whether or not he violated his probation. Apparently, the organizers of FreeFest don’t have a backup act selected if T.I. is not able to perform, so there could be a whole in the lineup. That being said, I’m still excited to see him. Having Public Enemy, Kid Cudi, and T.I. as my first three rap artists seen live would be awesome.

Kevin’s Take: I like rap music and I like T.I. If he plays, I’ll be cool with him playing, because I sort of want to see more live rap acts (saw Lil’ B at Whartscape, was pretty cool). I’ll probably listen to a few songs off of King Uncaged but not looking forward to it as much as Dan.

Daniel’s Forecast: If he’s playing, I’ll see him. No doubt. If he’s not playing, oh well. I’ll try to see him again. But it probably won’t be for free.

Kevin’s Forecast: I’d definitely see him if there’s no scheduling conflict


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