Virgin Festival Preview: Dance Forest

The Dance Forest, featuring Chromeo, Sharam, Maximum Balloon, Sleigh Bells, Wolfgang Gartner, Modeselktor, & Neon Indian.

Kevin’s Take: We decided to condense this section for the preview because frankly, we’ve been procrastinating this (so many things happening in the lives of the Fresh Heirs, its unbelievable). Personally, I’m rather excited for this part of the festival, because I have a feeling it will be a more intimate venue as opposed to the large stages of the other two. Not to mention, its a little indie supershow going on. Chromeo should definitely appeal to some, but not really me (never listened to them that much). Frankly, I’ve never heard of Sharam.

Maximum Balloon sounds rather exciting though seeing as I first fell in love with TV on the Radio back with Return to Cookie Mountain and went head over heels for Dear Science,. With notable band member, and only white bro in band David Andrew Sitek’s debut album coming out soon, the show should feature a lot of guest stars and its sounds a lot like the “party record” he described a while back. Also, we’re collectively very excited for Sleigh Bells. Their new video for “Infinity Guitars” is quite amazing, and apparently, they can put on an amazing live show every now and then (though that means that they have bad ones now and then too). Don’t really know anything about Wolfgang Gartner, other then he’s friends with the rapidly rising progressive house artist deadmau5 and he’s more “proggy” then that. Or so I’ve heard, might have that wrong. I really liked Modeselektor’s album Happy Birthday thanks in part to Thom Yorke’s guest vocals on a track. I really am looking forward to Neon Indian the first time since I saw them with Wild Nothing a while back. Wondering what the post-chillwave is gonna sound like.

Daniel’s Take: I’m pretty pumped for this dance area. I saw Neon Indian at Sasquatch in the Rumpus Room and now I get to see him (for the third time this year) in the Dance Forest. It’s a pretty blissful plan. I’m pretty excited to see what Alan Palomo and the gang are up to know. I really, really like “I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway,” a song unveiled on a Sirius XMU session earlier this month.

Along with Neon Indian, I’m stoked for Sleigh Bells, as my plans to see them this summer never really panned out. I’m bringing extra pairs of ear plugs for the barrage of noise I’m expecting. The more I listen to songs like “Infinity Guitars” and “Rill Rill,” the more infectious the rhythms become and the more I’m excited just to dance to this music. I’m so stoked.

The third act at the Dance Forest I have a legitimate interest in is Maximum Balloon, which Kevin gave you a little synopsis of earlier. I’m most interested to see what collaborators come out to Merriweather for this show. I haven’t heard the album or even looked at any information about it so I have no idea who could even be there, but I’m really excited to find out.

As for all the other acts, I’ve heard bits and pieces and I’m sure they would be fun, but I just have too much invested in the acts not in the Dance Forest to really stick around try them out. I’m sure Chromeo would put on a good show and be really fun, but I just don’t have that much an urge to spend some time to see them. I was really, really pumped to see Die Antwoord, but they aren’t on the bill anymore. Which I think is tragic and a deprivation to all people at FreeFest.

Kevin’s Forecast: A lot of these are gonna be difficult I’m guessing, scheduling wise, but I’m definitely going to try to see Maximum Balloon, Sleigh Bells and Neon Indian for at least a bit, especially with the latter. Here’s hoping the schedule is getting released soon!

Daniel’s Forecast: Sleigh Bells, Neon Indian, and Maximum Balloon. I want to see them. That’s the order I want to see them in. This preview series is over. I want to schedule. Now.


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