Song Of The Week: Superchunk: “My Gap Feels Weird”

Why have I never listened to Superchunk before? I feel like a part of me has been found after years of searching far and wide. The whole album is all killer, and zero filler, with the energy never letting down the entire time. This is the second track on the record, with the crazy howl of Mac McCaughan singing about what I assume is his fly (woooo). This track review is classy.Click here to listen to this great song!

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-A. Lowden



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2 responses to “Song Of The Week: Superchunk: “My Gap Feels Weird”

  1. ronaldo

    it’s about the gap in the genre of that type of music….it started out as a comment his daughter made about her tooth being missing but he used it as a metaphor

    • Really? I buy the bit about his daughter’s tooth, but I think the gap he’s singing about is the generation gap: all these emo kids running around with their eyeliner and hair in their face, “You don’t even know us and you never will…”

      I’ve been listening to the album nonstop the past few days. Heroic stuff.

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