Toro Y Moi on Daytrotter; Chaz Bundick Grooves

Chillwave aficionado Chaz Bundick has been a busy man recently. Yesterday his awesome Daytrotter Session as Toro Y Moi was posted and today Pitchfork posted about Bundick’s new Les Sins project, a dance outfit that P4K says sounds like it belongs on Ed Banger.

First, the Daytrotter session. Bundick dropped in for four tracks from Causers of This, including “Blessa,” “You Hid,” “Talamak,” and, my personal favorite from the album, “Low Shoulder.” While the songs are not as punchy as they are in the album, they are still crafted well enough to get immerse the listener into the chillwaves. Bundick demonstrates that he’s more than just a guy behind a laptop. Instead he is indeed a great composer.

On the dancier side of things, Bundick’s Les Sins outfit is releasing a 12″ single called “Lina” on November 9 on Carpark Records along with B-side “Youth Gone.” Now Pitchfork compares this to some Ed Banger tracks, but I see nothing that shows how this could be Ed Banger. The songs are too chill, if you will, for it to be some French dancehouse stuff. Instead you can definitely see the chillwave influence with the tracks after the jump. It’s some fun instrumental stuff from Bundick, but it’s not Ed Banger. Definitely worth a listen below.


Youth Gone




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