STREAM: New Beach Fossils!

Yes, that’s right, Fresh Heirs favorite Dustin Payseur and Beach Fossils are back! This time, they have two new songs. And in my opinion, they’re both good. If you want a differing opinion, just ask Anna. The songs are available to stream over on the Captured Tracks SoundCloud page and will be out on a 7″ on October 12 (same day as these two releases).

The first track up is “Distance,” which has the classic Beach Fossils sound from Payseur and wouldn’t find itself out of place on the self-titled debut LP. However, it feels really laid-back compared to some of the other songs and not quite as spaced out, which could be showing some more focus from the band.

Next up is “Face It,” which is much more of a departure from the Beach Fossils we know and love, and it features the vocals of bassist John Pena, something not seen before. As Pitchfork pointed out, the track is indeed reminiscent of Wild Nothing, and the little synth/keyboard line in the middle of the song really heightens that feeling as well. Pena’s vocals are solid and definitely give the song a different feel. People have known through various interviews that Beach Fossils sound was going to change at some point, and if this is the direction it’s changing to, that’s a really good thing. This song has the spacey feel, but the bass keeps it focused, and the occasional solo bass line really gives the song a different feel.

I’m excited for the newer material. Remember, this 7″ is out on Captured Tracks on October 12. I’m going to buy it. You should too.



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