New Songs From The Drums & Neon Indian

A pleasant surprise awaited music fans yesterday in the blogosphere in the form of new tracks from The Drums and Neon Indian. The Drums released “When I Come Home” exclusively on RCRDLBL while Neon Indian debuted “I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway” on a Sirius XMU session.

The Drums at 9:30 Club. (photo by Daniel)

“When I Come Home” is more of the same from The Drums. A low bass riff has a higher catchy guitar riff over it, but this time with the added bonus of what sounds like some xylophone action. Jonny Pierce’s vocals are in the same distinct fashion and the backing harmonies on the chorus of “Will you hold me when I come home?” adds some more layers onto the song. This song is just The Drums being the The Drums, something that’s good for any fan.

Neon Indian performing at Sonar. (photo by Daniel)

Alan Palomo extends the reign of chillwave through “I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway.” The low buzzing synths lay underneath higher bursts, and it really is one of the most diverse Neon Indian songs drum-wise I’ve heard. Short, timing in at 2:24, “I Really Didn’t Need You Anyway” reminds me of “Should have taken acid with you” as the outro has the same spacey vibe, letting you ride the chillwaves. Plus, there’s a pretty hilarious interview between the DJ and Palomo and the legendary Carles comes up in conversation.

Check both of these songs out and download them. Fo Free.



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