Virgin Festival Preview: LCD Soundsystem

LCD Soundsystem at Sasquatch. (photo by Daniel)

LCD Soundsystem

Kevin’s Take: James Murphy and his band are sort of in the same group as Pavement in the “if only they were playing, I’d see them” group. I first fell in love with these guys after Sound of Silver came out and almost tripped when Daniel texted me the bands, and they were on it [along with Pavement, nonetheless]. I voted This is Happening as the top album of 2010.5, and fell into a rather intense obsession with them. Looking forward to hear a lot of tracks from them. Should be a good time.

Daniel’s Take: I caught the majority of LCD’s set out at Sasquatch, but I missed the beginning of it to see some of Girls, and I subsequently missed “Drunk Girls” and possibly “Dance Yrself Clean,” both of which are extremely necessary to an ideal concert experience. But the rest of the set was so solid. “All My Friends” and “I Can Change” were my personal favorites. Most of all, the set is just fun. My cousins whom I was with had never heard of LCD Soundsystem before, but by the end of the set they up on the hill dancing along with me. There’s a great power to the music.

Kevin’s Forecast: Again, a simple “yes” will do. I really, really want to see these guys. Like, it’s their last tour, for a while anyways, and if I didn’t see them on it, I would regret it for quite a while.

Daniel’s Forecast: LCD falls into the same category as Pavement for me. I feel like I need to see a full set from them in order to feel 100% fulfilled with my musical life. So that’s the plan. A full set from LCD Soundsystem full of dancing myself clean.

(photo by Daniel)


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