DOWNLOAD: Mount Rainier vs. Mount Hood

Yes folks, the moment you have all been waiting for is here. The Mount Rainier vs. Mount Hood split between Ebright Azimuth and Wapinitia is now available for download HERE. Download. Tell your friends. Just try it out. Daniel and Kevin worked pretty hard along with Anna to sandwich it in before Daniel left for college, Kevin went back to school, and Anna left the country. Everyone at Fresh Heirs would appreciate your downloading of this.

Plus, it’s pretty awesome. First there’s the “Mount Rainier” side from Ebright Azimuth (Kevin) that takes off with “Japanada,” a Sleigh Bells-esque jam that scares dads everywhere before throwing nostalgia in your face with “August.” On the “Mount Hood” side, Wapinitia (Daniel) brings the Maryland suburbs to you with “Suburban Sunset” before slipping in some beach vibe with “Pierced.” Check it out.

Download Mount Rainier vs. Mount Hood by Ebright Azimuth and Wapinitia for free here via Mediafire.

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