New Julian Lynch – “Untitled”

Tumblr is becoming an extremely relevant in the music world with many blogs such as yvynyl and Head Underwater, bands such as Ducktails and Happy Birthday, and even labels like Baltimore’s Friends Records using the blogging platform. As a user of Tumblr, it’s hard not to blame them. It’s quick, convenient, and relatively easy. Plus, it’s an easy way to reach readers as readers can follow whichever blogs they want and have that content all delivered to one place. But you probably already knew that because if you’re reading this, you’re pretty hip.

Julian Lynch is another artist who is using Tumblr as a medium for both himself and his music. Like fellow New Jersey native Ducktails, Lynch posts videos he likes on his page, which is titled “Space Mountain,” along with reblogs of other posts, like ones from Ducktails or Family Portrait.

On September 7, Lynch posted a track with this comment underneath of it:

A song from my new album! No definite title yet. Let me know what you think!

I loved Lynch’s 2010 release of Mare and it has become one of my favorite albums as the summer has gone on. This track feels like it has more direction towards it as it progresses. But after a few verses of strictly acoustic guitar, the noise and Lynch showcases on Mare comes through with a psychedelic tone.

I really like this song and it makes me excited for another album from Lynch. I’d been wanting to write about Mare for a long time on here but never got the chance as it’s an album that I have trouble forming concrete thoughts about because of all the different musical aspects it showcases. This untitled track is definitely worth a listen to anyone that likes Underwater Peoples bands from New Jersey.




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4 responses to “New Julian Lynch – “Untitled”

  1. Julian Lynch

    Thanks Daniel!

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