MP3: NEW Japandroids – “Heavenward Grand Prix”

Just the other day I was hanging out and blasting Japandroids single from earlier in the summer, “Younger Us,” and got the urge to impulsively order the 7″ online, which I did and should have done a long time ago. But then I thought to myself, ” ‘Younger Us’ was my summer anthem. Where’s Japandroids’ next track?”

Well folks, my question has been answered in the form of “Heavenward Grand Prix.” This single, which drops November 16 b/w PJ Harvey’s “Shame,” doesn’t match the summery anthemness of “Younger Us,” but its laid-back tempo reminds me that summer is over. The repeated mantra of “We don’t have to be like they are on the heavenward grand prix” suggests to me that Japandroids know that summer is over. We’re back at school where everyone seems to be the same, but no matter what, we don’t have to be like everyone else.

“Heavenward Grand Prix” is available for stream and download via Stereogum.



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