Video: Deerhunter’s “Helicopter”

With the release of Halcyon Digest on the horizon (three weeks from today!), Deerhunter put out a video for “Helicopter,” the second song from the album to be officially released to the public after “Revival.”

While “Revival” is more of a straight forward Deerhunter tune, “Helicopter” seems to borrow from lead singer Bradford Cox’s Atlas Sound material with the looped percussion in the background. But with the full band’s instrumentation, a glittering backdrop for Cox’s vocals is set up. It’s safe to say that “Helicopter” is just a pretty song. I can’t remember a song where the vocals are so crisp and clear. I’m not going to speculate whether or not it’s producer Ben Allen’s touch or if it’s something the band is doing, but it works. It’s safe to say that “Helicopter” is working to increase my hype of Halcyon Digest.

Plus, the abstract black-and-white video featuring Cox’s face is pretty sweet as well.



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