Cloud Nothings/Kevin Greenspon Split Officially Out!

We told you about this a while ago, but the split CD between Cloud Nothings and Kevin Greenspon is officially out now from Bridgetown Records. Kevin’s been in contact with us and said that this album has been in the works for over a year, and he really wants people to hear about it.

Bridgetown Records is also reissuing many previously sold-out releases, including albums from Kevin Greenspon, Trudgers, and Vehicle Blues. Kevin also happens to be touring along the West Coast with Vehicle Blues. Dates and locations are available on Kevin’s website.

We’ve also been passed along some awesome mp3s that are definitely worth your time to download:

Cloud Nothings – “I Apologize”
Kevin Greenspon – “Post-Life”
Kevin Greenspon – “Carpool Pepsi”

“I Apologize” is yet another great song from Dylan Baldi (aka Cloud Nothings) while “Post-Life” and “Carpool Pepsi” are great tracks that will definitely be making the rounds on some mixtapes.

The split costs $8 and is available from Bridgetown Records.



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