Virgin Festival Preview: M.I.A.

Daniel’s Take: It really feels like that a lot is made about how M.I.A. conducts business and what she does to draw hype and express her opinions. Basically what it comes down to is that she does whatever she wants, and if you have a problem with it, that’s your problem. Not hers, not the government’s, it’s yours. M.I.A. is going to bring it to you however she feels like it. I’ll admit that I’m of the segment of the population that recognizes “Paper Planes” the most out of all her songs (although “Galang” is a close second). But the newer stuff that I’ve heard off of her album like “xxxo” and “Born Free” (ginger genocide aside) are all really great and fun dance songs.
Kevin’s Take: Now, M.I.A. has been causing all sorts of controversy for some time now, and while its no longer new, I feel like what she does is mostly just a publicity stunt. Not like she cares what I think anyway. But I enjoyed Arular and Kala quite a lot, so my thoughts really didn’t matter because she still put out good music. However, on her last album, she is trying to make too much of a statement. She’s like, trying to tell us the internet is bad with all of the shitty artwork, and the songs are just a jumbled cluster. Except “Born Free.” That might be from the Suicide sample though. Not sure.
Daniel’s Forecast: I’d be willing to say that I’ll be over where M.I.A. is playing for at least a little bit of her set. I feel like she is one of those artists that you need to see at least once just to see what she’s all about. Plus who knows what other crazy stuff she’ll come up with.
Kevin’s Forecast: I’m really indifferent towards seeing her. Its one of those “if she’s playing, I’ll go to see the crazy shit that goes on” sort of thing. Hopefully if I’m lucky, her doppelgangers will be there.


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