Benefit Show for DJ Rice

Baltimore concerts. Usually a pretty nice environment for people to just sort of relax and enjoy music. College kids who mistake parties for concerts when they attend their first concert in the area. Not a nice environment with people getting way to close to the stage and threatening to break Will of Future Islands pedals, and causing people who are actually there for the music to enjoy it slightly less. That’s all I’m going to say about the crowd. Bad vibes indeed.

But last night wasn’t about my hatred for out of towners going to local shows. It was about DJ Rice, who performs as Teenage Souls, who on August 21st was brutally beaten and sent to Johns Hopkins ICU. This show raised money for his medical bills, and was packed to the brim. Dan Deacon started DJing with a playlist of disco and ’80s synth pop, creating some sort of mood. INEVERYROOM took the stage first, with a quick 4 song set, and much like their show at Sunday of Whartscape, did not disappoint. Their synth-y, almost Animal Collective like sense of tribal beats and music created a pretty good time all around, with their more popular jams being played (“Untitled, EEM E GEE”, however the end surprised nearly everyone, with Chase, Amy and Rob all leaving the stage to the floor, starting a cover of “Party Hard” by I believe Andrew W.K. (I could be mistaken) creating an almost rave like atmosphere.

Next Holy Ghost Party took the stage. Beforehand, I really had no clue who they were, but they’re almost dub like beats, combined with a brand of lo-fi noise unlike anything else I’ve ever heard left me interested for some studio material. Their quick set was however marred by people still apparently raving from INEVERYROOM’s last song, which wasn’t really the style they were looking for, in my opinion anyways. And yes, I did just break my “no more ranting about bad crowd” promise.

Buttstomach took over on the other stage. I don’t really think anyone knew what to expect from this. It was Dan Deacon, doing his Dan Deacon thing, except more abrasive, and akin to his earlier material, meanwhile Kevin O’Meara of Videohippos and another drummer added some solid percussion (yes, there was glockenspiel). It was a pretty wicked time as I stood to the less ramped up right of the stage.

To be honest, at the end of 3 bands, I was tired. Completely drained, so I have to sort of step back when Weekends played. They sounded really nice and everything, but I was just way too drained. Plus I had to scope out my spot for Future Islands at the front of the stage (which was incredibly hard to keep, by the way).

So finally, Sam, Will and Geritt took the stage. I told Will I would be protecting his effect pedals, which was sort of an odd forecast as to what was about to happen. I attempted somewhat, to follow the setlist on twitter, and I think I nailed every song, in order, but one, which I think was “An Apology” before “Vireo’s Eye.” Future Islands were on as always, aside from a small power outage that led to Sam singing a song a Capella, that he wrote at age 19. They played the same 2 new songs from the previous night, the latter of which (“The Ink Well”) will be released by Friends Records soon. The entire crowd threw down some “woah”‘s during “Inch of Dust” creating a nice little experience. Sam kept on asking the crowd to “jump up and down” as opposed to “left to right” and eventually I rammed my head into a monitor, and my wrists into the cords of the effect pedals, so I had to evacuate to the right of the stage where it was considerably calmer.

Afterwards, Dan Deacon DJ’d for a while. We stayed until about 2:00 a.m., and it was mostly a sort of tongue-in-cheek affair with Dan Deacon laying down some Ke$ha and some La Roux. Also, I think during points at the night in between artists when Dan Deacon was DJing, “The Hustle” and “You Sexy Thing” were played, so sort of got a chuckle out of that. An odd affair overall.

Apparently, if you want to see Future Islands in a less rowdy venue, Sam says they are going to play the Ottobar sometime in November, so look forward to that.




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