Virgin Festival Preview: Yeasayer


Kevin’s Take: To be honest, I was sort of incredibly shocked to see Yeasayer on the “big names” of the Virgin Fest lineup this year. It’s not that I don’t like Yeasayer, or that they don’t deserve it, its just, they’re still rather… obscure? Don’t get me wrong, Yeasayer’s sort of ’80s-esque Depeche Mode style. Their last album Odd Blood sort of received mixed reviews, but I particularly enjoyed it. Another positive note: this is essentially a hometown show for the band. Despite being traditionally thought of as a Brooklyn band, Anand Wilder and Chris Keating are from Baltimore (they played Whartscape a few years back).

Daniel’s Take: I got pretty excited when I saw Yeasayer on the lineup card for FreeFest. “Ambling Alp” is one of my top tracks of the year and “O.N.E.” is one of the most danceable tracks of the year as well. As Kevin said, this is another Baltimore band coming home to play, something that I think is pretty cool. Baltimore is increasing its relevance on the scene and while Yeasayer isn’t even close to the same scope as Animal Collective, there’s still an unusual vibe coming from these guys, something that I want to see in person at a show.

Kevin’s Forecast: This is a band I really want to see. I missed them playing at the Ottobar earlier this year and sort of regret it, and hopefully the scheduling works out so I can see even a bit of these guys.

Daniel’s Forecast: Depending on what kind of crowd is around during this set, it could be an amazing and uniting experience, or it could be unchill and awkward if people unfamiliar with the band are there with the “What the hell is this?” reaction. That being said, I’m definitely trying to see Yeasayer, even if I can only catch a little bit. Something is a little better than nothing.

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