Virgin Festival Preview: Pavement

Pavement at Sasquatch. (photo by Daniel)


Kevin’s Take: To be honest, if it were Pavement alone at this festival with like, 100 versions of Temper Trap, I would still go to this. Pavement is without a doubt, one of my most favorite bands of all time. Their grungey, lo-fi attitude has been described so many times it’s been clichéd. Basically when I hear “Gold Soundz” live, I am going to be the happiest person at Merriweather. Though I should say in all disclosure I am seeing Pavement the week before in Philadelphia at the Mann Center with Kurt Vile. But regardless. It’s Pavement.

Daniel’s Take: I have to echo most of what Kevin said. I caught a portion of Pavement’s set at Sasquatch, but it was marred by technical difficulties and we left after a few songs to go catch Public Enemy’s set. While the Sasquatch critics said Pavement was off at Sasquatch and said the band didn’t want to be there, there was so much energy with Stephen Malkmus thrashing around on stage and Mark Ibold laying down solid bass lines. The only downside of the Sasquatch appearance was that I didn’t get to see “Gold Soundz.” So you know which song I’ll be waiting for.

Kevin’s Forecast: Yes.

Daniel’s Forecast: No question. I feel obligated to hit a full set.


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