Weekend Shows

A couple of shows that Fresh Heirs will be/will probably be attending this weekend, both involve Future Islands, and both look to be quite awesome.

This Saturday just in Washington, D.C., Dan will be attending a show held by the ridiculously awesome people at Baltimore’s Friends Records. Future Islands, Microkingdom, Dope Body, and Weekends will all be playing at the Cherch on 1616 New Jersey Ave NW. The show starts at 7, but apparently, a BBQ is starting at 5, so live out your last unofficial weekend of summer with some friends and some good tunes in DC.

However, if you can’t make it to D.C. on Saturday, just wait in Baltimore for a show at Floristree that helps support a wonderful musician. On August 21, DJ Rice of the amazing band Teenage Souls was attacked walking home after a show at the Annex in Baltimore. According to the organizers of the show “DJ has no recollection of the event, found unconscious some miles away from the venue a few hours later. He suffered multiple skull fractures, neurological damage, spending eight days in the Surfical Intensive Care Unit at Hopkins Hospital before transfering to another ward where he will stay for at least a few more days.” This show will be a benefit show for DJ, and will feature Baltimore bands Future Islands, Weekends, Holy Ghost Party, Butt Stomach (Dan Deacon and Kevin O’Meara of Videohippos), and INEVERYROOM. Tickets are apparently going to be $5-10 and should open around 9 PM. Should be a great night, as DJ’s friends are going all out for him.


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