Virgin Festival Preview: Jimmy Eat World

Daniel’s Take: I’m one of those kids that always misses his phases growing up in different types of music. I missed my Arcade Fire stage, I missed my Broken Social Scene phase, and I missed my Sufjan Stevens phase. Jimmy Eat World, while more of a pop punk band than an indie band, is another band whose phase I missed. In middle school when my friends and I were all getting into music, some gravitated towards classic rock while others gravitated towards the pop punk of the day. One of the all time favorite bands for many of my friends at the time was indeed Jimmy Eat World, even though I’d barely done any listening.
I had my first experience with Jimmy Eat World in late 2008 when my friend told me he thought I’d like them and that I should listen to “The Middle.” I’ll admit it was catchy, but it just wasn’t my thing and it still isn’t. Pop punk just ends up sounding all the same to me so I tend to avoid it. It’s rather unfortunate because I’m sure I’ve missed out on some decent stuff, but the majority I’ve heard just isn’t that good. And I tend to lump Jimmy Eat World into that category.

Kevin’s Take: I mean, I guess I sort of enjoyed “The Middle” when it first came out, but I never really viewed Jimmy Eats world as anything special. I was the kid who went through all of those phases. Hell, I still go through phases. But to be honest, pop punk never appealed to me. Their voices seemed whiney. It seemed fake. Everything about it, sort of meh. I didn’t even really know they were a band that people got into, other then my friend having their shirt a long time ago. These are the sort of “wtf” moments about the Virgin Fest Setlist.

Daniel’s Forecast: Jimmy Eat World is another one of those bands that I’d see if there’s nothing else going on. It would be a pretty fun ’90s nostalgia trip, but it’s not something I want to dedicate a significant amount of energy to see. Jimmy Eat World seems like another mainstage act that will play a little later in the day and be a huge draw. But it probably won’t draw Fresh Heirs.

Kevin’s Forecast: What Daniel said essentially. Like, maybe if the Temper Trap are playing at the same time. Or Joan Jett. That’s about really all that could draw me to this.

-Daniel and Kevin


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