Sunday Chill Sesh: World Series

It’s Sunday, and it’s basically the last weekend of the summer. I’m watching these two videos from World Series of Columbus, Ohio, and for some reason they just seem way too appropriate for the very end of the warm, lazy months. Maybe it’s the fuzzy jams and hypnotic instrumental loops making me all reflective.

Hearing “jams” and “loops” might cause you to think of one of those tropical tape wizards, but “Candyslam” only slightly dips its toes into the ocean waves. Still, both the visual and aural haze is there. The first half kind of meanders amongst some clattering percussion, but then the second half picks up with a propulsive beat and pulsing synths and guitar. Instead of beachy, it is futuristic-sounding and the entire video bombards you with images of anything and everything from space to the sea to the city to the sky. I feel like I’m alternately watching a VHS tape in third grade science class and staring at my old space simulation Windows 95 screensaver.

The second, “Hindu Widow,” is straight-up languid and perfectly evokes the laziest of Sundays, just sitting in the sun, daydreaming and enjoying the last few hours of doing absolutely nothing before you must jump back into the grind of your given profession. The video itself is basically a barrage of everything you did and didn’t do over your summer vacation. Music for the chillers at heart.



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