Miami Horror: “Holidays (feat. Alan Palomo)”

All those out there saying that chillwave is dead, listen to this track. Alan Palomo’s guest appearance on the Melbourne-based band’s track “Holidays” brings listeners back to the days of summer and fall 2009 when chillwave was in its element through Neon Indian, Toro Y Moi, and Washed Out, enabling listeners to feel it all around whenever and wherever.

As time as gone on, bloggers have proclaimed that chillwave is over and dead as artists debuted new material, most notably Toro’s “Leave Everywhere” single. But chillwave continues to live on through songs like “Holidays.”

The guitar at the start suggests some funk and disco from the 70s, while the bass riff enables all chillwavers to do what they want to do, which is to dance. At the chorus, the soaring vocals keep the track moving and separate itself from the verses. You can definitely feel Palomo’s fingerprints all over the track as it progresses through its different stages. It’s great.

Though I’d never heard of Miami Horror, they must be doing something right to get Palomo to collaborate on such a great track. Could Miami Horror trigger chillwave’s comeback via down under?



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