Virgin Festival Preview: Thievery Corporation

Thievery Corporation

Daniel’s Take: The trend with large festivals these days seems to be to put an electro/trance/trip-hop band as a headliner that brings a lot of attention and fanfare. Earlier this year at Sasquatch, Massive Attack filled that void. Thievery Corporation looks to do the same thing with it’s top billing on the Virgin Mobile FreeFest lineup graphics.

This isn’t my favorite type of music, but I don’t have a particular dislike for it either. It can be fun sometimes because it really is different from anything else. It possesses an internal intensity where you just can’t look away from or stop listening to what’s going on. Massive Attack had this covered at Sasquatch with an intense light show and set up. It got a little too political and commented a little too much on the current state of society, but it was fun to watch, despite the fact I was half-asleep and it was 11 o’clock at night.

Kevin’s Take: To be honest, I don’t care for Thievery Corporation at all. Its not that I don’t like the whole “electro/trance/trip-hop” scene, but I’ve always viewed Thievery Corporation as a watered down version of the genre. And really, I sort of like a lot of the scene. I would’ve enjoyed Massive Attack at Sasquatch, but as for Thievery Corporation, I feel like its just the Virgin Mobile Promoters trying to vye for the attention of whatever the “entry level alts” are of the scene.

Daniel’s Forecast: I did see Massive Attack at Sasquatch so I wouldn’t rule out seeing Thievery Corporation at FreeFest. A great amount of the music involves guests, so it will be interesting to see which guests show up and are used, plus the show is a bit of a homecoming for the DC-based duo. Based on the Merriweather set-up, I predict Thievery Corporation to play last on the main stage with a cool vibe to the set. Whether or not I see them remains up in the air. I might be too tired from rocking out to the other rad bands before Thievery Corporation. But if I’m there and the people I’m with are willing, I’ll check out Thievery Corporation.

Kevin’s Forecast: Well Dan, if you’re hanging with me, its not likely we’ll be seeing Thievery Corporation. If there’s no one else playing at the time, or someone whom I equally dislike, there’s quite the chance that I would see this band, just to see if anything exciting happens during it, but overall, not really looking forward to it.

–Daniel & Kevin


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