Review: Sufjan Stevens, “I Walked”

So last week, out of seemingly nowhere, Sufjan Stevens released a new EP, All Delighted People, which was a really good, yet somewhat traditional Sufjan release. Well here comes a complete clusterfuck for his new album, The Age of Adz. The song “I Walked” is the fourth track from this new album, and is streaming on Sufjan’s bandcamp, and after the jump. But you’re cooler if you stream it here.

The track is highly electronic, with a heavy drum beat in the background, before rather charming synth pads come into play. Sufjan’s vocals sound as quaint as always, filled with a heavy delay. Its different then essentially any other thing we’ve ever heard from the indie-folk artist. Heavy oscillating synths, saw waves, and the occasional guitar line come into play in the song. And yes, there’s a choir in the background. I don’t think there can be a Sufjan song without one of those.

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