New Cuts From Friendly Knowledge’s “Cream of the Chop”

College pal Aaron Hochman sent over these tracks he’s been working on this summer under the moniker Friendly Knowledge. They’re going to be part of an upcoming collection of chopped and sampled songs called, appropriately enough, Cream of the Chop.

Aaron was in a car accident in June and started working on this project as a kind of therapy, drawing on his own record collection as well as those of his parents and friends for inspiration. What results are mostly instrumental meshes of old jazz and R&B with new beats, coated with just the right dusting of vinyl hiss. Each track is pulled from different source material, but they are unified by a relaxed atmosphere. The source material has been chopped and looped, with some very cool spastic moments, all enveloped by the comforting vinyl crackle. Once we get a whole album, I can only imagine it will transport you to the vibes of yesteryear. Grab a .zip of some of his tracks below for a sample:

Friendly Knowledge



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