Snaps: Whartscape ZOlO

So Whartscape. That was what, like a month ago. A really cool time and everything, remember? Well, anyways, I think at some point I promised you all photos from it, which my girlfriend Sarah took. Well, we lost the film roll at her house, and now we’ve found it! So, without further adieu, WHARTSCAPE ZOlO, DAY 2 and DAY 3: IN PHOTOGRAPHS! (Also available at our Picasa account)

Double Dagger

During Ponytail (Their last show for a while, nonetheless)

The Dan Deacon Ensemble

Quick Anecdote: This is our friend Brad (in the center, during Dan Deacon's relay races who we met at Whartscape. He was from Wisconsin and travelled down by car to see Whartscape. Over the course of the 3 days he was there, he managed to do crack with some people he found in order to spend the night at their house (he's not a drug addict by any stretch of the imagination), lose his debit card, which later turned up in New York, and give out free massages to people in order to gain the gas money required to head back to beautiful Milwaukee.

All photographs by Sarah H.



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