Ducktails “Art Vandelay” & a Seinwave Digression

It feels like the new Ducktails song just came out. Indeed, that feeling of deja vu is completely warranted, since “Hamilton Road” was just released a few weeks ago. Matt Mondanile is back already with the B-side of his new 7″, “Art Vandelay” (courtesy of Gorilla vs Bear) which we’ve been hearing as part of the Real Estate live experience this year. This version is kind of toned down in comparison to Real Estate’s full-band take on it, but it will be a nice compliment to its flipside, and GvB also reports that there is a different version headed our way on Ducktails III: Arcade Dynamics, the full album experience.
The Hamilton Road 7″ is out September 3 on Olde English Spelling Bee, play “Art Vandelay” below:

This song is the latest installment in a craze that I like to call “Seinwave”. Seinfeld has become the token nostalgia sitcom in the world of music. Just in recent memory, Titus Andronicus called their first album The Airing of Grievances and hardcore band Polar Bear Club put out The Summer of George EP, while Wavves‘ Nathan Williams is citing “The Opposite” as his favorite episode and Best Coast‘s Bethany Cosentino is drawing parallels between herself and Elaine and talking about her new Kramer portrait. Did Crystal Castles rip off an old publicity shot? Hipster Runoff sure thought so. And it’s not just the music. Watching old episodes, I can’t help but notice that a lot of us aren’t dressing that differently. Denim and regular old button downs in a nondescript color palette currently prevail the current trends (next Kramer’s hair will be back). Lots of people are just walking around looking like updated versions of nineties folks, right down to Matt Mondanile’s glasses which are straight up George Costanza chic. Nostalgia everywhere. Will it permeate Arcade Dynamics? We can only hope there are some songs on there about pinball and Pac-Man. And perhaps Frogger?




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2 responses to “Ducktails “Art Vandelay” & a Seinwave Digression

  1. I mean, I’m pretty much already rockin the Kramer doo.


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