Video: Ted Leo & The Pharmacists “Bottled In Cork”

I forgot about Ted Leo’s sick sense of humor at the end of last week. After tweeting and writing previous blog posts about how his career path is going to have to make a change, he tugged on my heart-strings and posted a very long essay on Friday about how it is difficult to have a stable income, yet remain punk. He stated that his new career path would involve a musical theater project, and how he would reveal Monday. He peaked my curiosity to be very honest. Yet, I had a tough time picturing a chorus line singing “Ballad of a Sin Eater”. Turns out he was fucking with us the whole time! Below is the mock-musical theater project from the best tune off this year’s great record, “The Brutalist Bricks”. The video for “Bottled In Cork” features cameos from John Hodgeman, and a brief moment of camera time for Patrick Stickles, lead singer of Titus Andronicus! Enjoy the band’s new calling, The Brutalist Bricks: The Musical!


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