MP3: Lean Horse Marathon – “Reflections”

When Wild Nothing released Gemini, Jack Tatum set a new precedent for lo-fi bedroom recordings everywhere. Gone was the fuzz and buzz that had become synonymous with recordings from Wavves, early Cloud Nothings, and Best Coast demos. Instead the production became clean, clear, crisp, and opened new avenues for listeners’ ears.

Lean Horse Marathon, the one-man project of Baltimore area resident Jeff Koplovitz, has taken this path as well. On Up On Bomber Mountain, Lean Horse’s debut LP released in 2009, the music possesses the lo-fi bedroom vibe common with the aforementioned bands along with Atlas Sound.

But with “Reflections,” Lean Horse Marathon takes the route Wild Nothing follows. The production is clean, but still contains enough of a haze to lure the listener to a subtle slumber while the different parts of the song come and go. “Reflections” is easily the strongest song to come from Lean Horse Marathon and it makes me wonder about the potential of an entire album of this brand of bedroom pop. Koplovitz’s hooks are catchy and any Wild Nothing fan will easily see the similarities, but be able to find the subtle differences that make Lean Horse Marathon, Lean Horse Marathon.

Check out Lean Horse Marathon on MySpace and Facebook, and also the Lean Horse Marathon artist page on Rack & Ruin Records where Up On Bomber Mountain plus multiple other EPs are available for download.



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