MP3: Kanye West – “Power [Remix] (feat. Jay-Z & Swizz Beatz)”

I feel like it was inevitable that Kanye come up in conversation on this blog, with his new album Dark Twisted Fantasy scheduled to drop November 16. It’s been almost a year since Kanye all but disappeared from the public eye (we don’t need to go there) and since then, he’s slowly worked his way back into the public consciousness via Twitter and the release of the lead single from Dark Twisted Fantasy, “Power.”

We all know how Kanye likes to do things (big, bigger, and biggest), so the instrumentation and atmosphere of “Power” is just over the top. The video, “Portrait of Power” is even more over the top. But we all know we’re dealing with Kanye West, and it’s safe to say that nothing he puts out can be as bad/painful/garbage as 808s and Heartbreak, his last studio album that featured his foray into Auto-Tune.

Today Kanye moved into our consciousness just a little bit more with the release of a remix of “Power,” available on his website, that features Jay-Z and Swizz Beatz. The addition of Jay-Z to the pounding, almost tribal beat almost reminds me of “Run This Town,” a track that Kanye guested on last year.

While the star power is there, I still feel like the original version of “Power” is stronger than the remix, as the entire atmosphere of the remix changes over the last two minutes, with a whole new drum beat and a whole new sample based off of “The Power,” with frequent choruses of “I’ve got the power.” These last two minutes feel like they could be a totally different song altogether, something I’m not that much of a fan of. Often times these days, remixes are just as strong as the originals, but this is not the case with “Power.” I’m still a huge fan of “Power” as a track though.

The “Power” remix is definitely worth picking up, at least until the Kanye/Raekwon/Bieber remix drops.



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