Catching Up with Cloud Nothings

Cloud Nothings at Rock N Roll Hotel. (photo by Daniel)

Last night Fresh Heirs hit up the Beach Fossils/Javelin/Warpaint bill at Ottobar in Baltimore (snaps and review coming soon) to close out a summer filled with music. Little did we know that there would be appearances by other members of the music scene. Sam of Future Islands, Caleb of Lands & Peoples, and Dylan of Cloud Nothings were all in attendance, and I had a chance to catch up with Dylan.

I saw Cloud Nothings back in June at the Rock N Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C. as the Cleveland-based band opened for Wavves. I was utterly blown away by the group’s performance and I promptly purchased the Turning On vinyl as I left the venue. The energy was constant and the band was even called on for an encore, something that I had never seen before and haven’t seen since for an opening band.

At the Ottobar Tuesday night, I was sitting around and surveying the scene when I noticed Dylan and bass player T.J. wandering around. I struck up conversation, found out T.J. was touring with Beach Fossils as a guitar player (Ottobar was the last show of the tour), and talked about the great work Eternal Summers is doing.

Dylan said that he was in Baltimore recording the next Cloud Nothings record and actually finished recording on Tuesday. He said the record will drop in January 2011. Cloud Nothings is playing four shows on the East Coast this fall with Fucked Up, including a September 9 date at the Rock N Roll Hotel in Washington, D.C. which I plan to attend. Check out the MySpace for more dates in the Cleveland area and other shows that are to be announced. Dylan also said that he plans to tour extensively in October.

Also, Cloud Nothings is releasing Turning On again on October 12 on Carpark Records as a collection of previously released tracks. It has the original nine-track list from the 2009 release, plus four more.

T.J. said that he enjoyed his time on the road with Beach Fossils and that he thinks Dustin Payseur and the group plan on putting together more new material at the conclusion of the tour. He said that the material is very different from the beach aesthetic vibe that was present on the self-titled debut LP from Beach Fossils. Either way, I’m looking forward to music either of these projects puts out.



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