Review: The National, “You were a Kindness”

I have somewhat of a debt that I will eternally owe to The National. In early 2008 my friend gave me a copy of their album Boxer. All of the songs struck immediately with me, with their baritone filled slow jams becoming one of my favorites. I checked out their MySpace and noted that they were playing Merriweather Post Pavillion with some other bands that I were aware of, Modest Mouse and R.E.M. After attending the show (Dan also attended, however I was unaware as to who he was at the time) I became enveloped in the world of indie music, so basically, thanks The National.

I of course checked out their last album High Violet. It was essentially the same album as there last, with more orchestration. Also, it was slightly more, whats the word that they always use, oh, tortured. I was pleased with it. However, when I noticed they had a new song on Minnesota Public Radio show, “The Current,” I was sort of disappointed. It was boring. Very boring. The song, “You were a Kindness” takes the whole depression of the National to a new level of “Apathetic.” Hopefully this won’t be the new direction of the National.



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