Record Review: Magic Kids – Memphis

I was not a very musically inclined child when I was growing up. My parents hobbies did not include pop music. However, the albums and radio stations that would get played would stick with me subconsciously to this very day. Doo-wop, 60’s girl groups, Simon & Garfunkel, all have stuck in my brain and shape my taste to this very day.

I have a feeling the members of Memphis, TN’s Magic Kids may have had similar upbringings. The songs that make up their full length debut, Memphis, channel the energy and stylings of 50s and 60s pop. The days when nearly every song wasn’t ashamed to be a love song, or when there were still songs about random, fun things like bouncy balls.

The entirety of Memphis bristles with little pop gems such as personal favorite “Hey Boy”. Craftily orchestrated pop rhythms and a tasteful chorus of children embed themselves in your head, all but guarantying that you’ll be whistling this ditty for the rest of the day. Other album highlights include the shuffling “Good to Be” and the sweeping 60s style ballad “Summer”. I have a feeling this album is going to be a sleeper this year. Do me a solid and don’t miss out.

You can stream Memphis at Magic Kids’ MySpace page now. The album is out officially on True Panther, August 24th.


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